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Multipurpose Barbell ESSENTIALS Combo

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The Stateel Multipurpose Barbell ESSENTIALS Combo

Looking to get started with a home gym? Adding or upgrading your home gym? The Stateel Multipurpose Barbell ESSENTIALS Combo provides you with our most versatile barbell along with as many weight plates as you need for your home training.

Did we also mention that should you drop any weights on to the ground, or you know, if you're just freakishly strong and deadlift reaaaal heavy, your floor will be protected by our rubber mats which is 20mm thick and shock absorbent. 

Also, just because it's a home gym, doesn't mean looks don't matter, our equipments are designed to look sleek and make your home space cooler as well as tempt you to want to workout more!

Everything included in the Stateel Multipurpose Barbell ESSENTIALS Combo Package:

*Please click on individual product links above to find out more about each product.

**If you would like to customise the combo to include weight plates amounting to a total amount different from the default selections (65kgs, 105kgs, 155kgs), please get in touch with us, more on how you can reach us HERE!

***If you would like to include more rubber mats to your combo, please get in touch with us, more on how you can reach us HERE!

Why choose Stateel over others?

Peace of mind as your satisfaction is our utmost priority, read more here: The Stateel Choice.


All warranties for individual products can be found on their respective product page description. Please check the Stateel Warranty & Return Policy for more details.

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