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Our Story

How It Started

Stateel® is a Malaysian home grown home gym and fitness equipment provider of high quality, reliable, stylish equipments, at affordable prices with great customer service.

It begun amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic which also hit Malaysia in multiple waves leading to multiple national lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021. 

As gyms were repeatedly forced to shut down for extended periods of time, like many others, we resorted to basic home workouts in the start of the pandemic and first lockdown. But months went by, and lockdowns became the new normal as the pandemic raged on and showed no signs of slowing down. In the face of mounting uncertainty about the future, setting up a home gym was becoming a necessity both for the physical as well as mental wellbeing.

After many months of research and looking for quality gym equipments on a budget, we realised just how hard it was to find decent equipments at affordable prices especially for a home gym. Big established brands sold equipments that were far too pricey while most affordable or cheap equipments were either of very low or questionable quality and/or equipments drop-shipped directly from overseas manufacturers with no prior quality checks, leading to very inconsistent quality and low reliability of the home gym equipments with no guarantees/warranties leading to many unlucky customers wasting hundreds, if not, thousands of ringgit purchasing subpar home gym equipments.

This led us to the decision to start Stateel and fill the gap of providing quality home gym equipments at an affordable price while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by providing good customer support as well as a limited warranty on most of our equipments. Basically, providing reliability and quality without overcharging. 

If you're new here, welcome thank you for visiting us! We hope to be THE choice for all your home gym and fitness needs. If you're already a Stateelian, thank you so much for choosing us and we hope to be your trusted home gym provider for many years to come. 

We hope you'll have as much as fun as we do, building your home gym and overall health and fitness. 

From all of us here at Stateel..

Stay healthy, Stay fit!

Our Vision

To grow Stateel into the leading home gym & fitness equipment provider in Malaysia and be synonymous with being reliable, transparent, and most of all, customer-centric. We want to put a gym in as many homes in Malaysia as possible and we cannot do it without YOUR support, so come join the Stateelian community and together, let's make Malaysia a fit nation!

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