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Stateel Cast Iron Fractional Plates

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Stateel Cast Iron Fractional Plates

The Stateel Cast Iron Fractional Plates, available in pairs of 0.5kgs to 2.5kgs in increments of 0.5kgs. Made of cast iron with a powder coated finish, these plates provide a balance between functionality, durability, and affordability, giving you amazing value!

When it comes to progressive overloads in your training, adding a small amount of weights overtime will compound into monstrous PRs especially in weightlifting type exercises where adding on 5kgs may not be a practical progression as you get within 85-95% of your 1-rep max weights. With the Stateel cast iron fractional plates, you're not able to add various permutations of smaller weights including 3kgs, 3.5kgs, 4kgs, and 4.5kgs by combining the various plates!

Built to last and almost definitely used with bumpers or other larger diameter weight plates on a barbell which helps prevent them from being dropped alone, these plates will last a looooong time. We do not recommend using these plates on a barbell alone to ensure the longevity of the plates.


  • All black design
  • Plate Diameter: 108mm
  • Plate Thickness:
    • 0.5kgs - 9mm
    • 1kgs - 18mm
    • 1.5kgs - 27mm
    • 2kgs - 36mm
    • 2.5kgs - 45mm 
  • Collar Opening: 50.5mm
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 10g of claimed weight
  • Powder coated finish for added protection against rust and degradation
  • Laser printed logo and weight indicators giving the plates a sleek look

*Barbells, and Barbell Collars sold separately.

Why choose Stateel over others?

Peace of mind as your satisfaction is our utmost priority, read more here: The Stateel Choice.


All Stateel Cast Iron Fractional Plates comes a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects and functionality. Please check the Stateel Warranty & Return Policy for more details. 

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