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Stateel Half Rack-1100

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Why choose the Stateel Half Rack-1100?

The Stateel Half Rack-1100 is the upgraded, improved, better version of our Half Rack-1000.

"H" base construction with a 2mm thick 60*60mm square steel frames along with the same 2mm thick 60*60 square steel construction uprights ensuring very stable rack, safe for heavy duty home usage.

Besides stability and strength, the Stateel Half Rack-1100 delivers versatility. The rack allows for a wide array of exercises including pull ups, chin ups, and dips. When used in addition with a barbell, bench, and weight plates, a variety of exercises targeting every muscle in the body can be done including Back Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Barbell Press, Rack Pulls, Bench Press, and a plethora of landmine related exercises such as the Close-Grip Landmine Rows.

Stateel Half Rack-1100 accessories included:

  • 2 x Heavy duty steel "sandwich" PVC J-Cups providing maximum protection to your barbell
  • 2 x Heavy duty steel Safety Spotter Arms lined with a thick layer of nylon plastic bolted on to allow you to safely fail your lifts while providing protection to your barbell
  • 6 x Dip handles/band pins
  • 2 x Storage pins which extends on 2 ends on both sides of the rack
  • 2 x Barbell holders on both sides of the rack for barbell(s) storage
  • 1 x Landmine attachment
  • 1 x Narrow grip handle 
  • 1 x Pull up bar


  • Rack Dimensions (length x width x height): 125.5 x 124.5 x 214.8cm
  • Rack Weight: 60kgs
  • Height Position Adjustable Levels: 15 levels
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400kgs
  • Rack Materials: Steel, PVC, Nylon
  • Upright Steel Pipe Dimensions: 60 x 60mm square steel frame constructions with 2mm thick steel 
  • Base Steel Pipe Dimensions: 60 x 60mm square steel frame constructions with 2mm thick steel 
  • Steel Triangle Base Plate Dimensions: 20 x 20.5cm x 3mm thick steel
  • Rubber Feet Caps on Base Steel Pipes to ensure further stability and to protect flooring

*Barbells, Weight Plates, and Rubber Mats sold separately.

Why choose Stateel over others?

Peace of mind as your satisfaction is our utmost priority, read more here: The Stateel Choice.


All Stateel Half Rack-1100 comes with a 1 year warranty on structural welds and frames. Please check the Stateel Warranty & Return Policy for more details.

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