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Stateel Speed Jump Rope (Adjustable/Self-Locking)

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The Stateel Speed Jump Rope

Level up your skipping game with the Stateel Speed Ropes. Featuring aluminium alloy handles with a medium knurling, ensuring handles which are built to last, while giving you the right balance of comfort and grippiness especially for your double and triple unders or during long or intense jump rope sessions.

Our jump rope features a steel rope core coated with a protective layer of TPE, all within a thin diameter of about 2.5mm, ensuring it is still thin enough to slice through air and move with a high speed while being incredibly tough. At 3m in length, there is also more than enough rope length to suit your exact preference of the perfect rope length.

We got amazing handles, we got a great rope, so what ties it all together? The patented self-locking adjustable mechanism which allows you to slip the rope into the handles and adjust it's length simply with the click of a the button (handle head)! Share your jump rope and easily adjust the rope lengths, remove the rope from the handle entirely for neater storage, or easily adjust the length when first testing them out and leaving it permanently at your preferred length setting, it gives you flexbility for how you want to use your Stateel Speed Jump Ropes.

Did we also mention that there are smooth double ball bearings built into the handles which allows it an uninterrupted 360-degree smoooooooth spin putting the "SPEED" in the Stateel Speed Jump Rope?!

So come on and get jumping with us today!

Technical Specifications:

  • Handle Lengh: 17.5cm
  • Handle Material: Alunimium Alloy
  • Handle Knurl: Medium
  • Rope Length: 3m
  • Rope Material: Steel core with TPE coating
  • Bearings: Ball Bearings

What's Included?

  • Aluminium Alloy Handles x 1 pair
  • 3m cable x 2
  • Nylon Rope Carry Bag x 1

Why choose Stateel over others?

Peace of mind as your satisfaction is our utmost priority, read more here: The Stateel Choice.


All Stateel Speed Jump Rope comes with a 1 year warranty on defects in material and functionality applicable to the aluminium alloy handles only. Please check the Stateel Warranty & Return Policy for more details.

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